Runners: Should You Wear Shorts Over Your Tights?



When it comes to the old pair, few men’s fashion combos cause as much controversy as shorts over tights. 

Well, maybe socks and sandals. 

Yeah, just don’t.

Fashion fudge-ups aside, whether pounding the terra out the back of beyond or tearing it up through the city streets, some runners just gotta have that extra buffer on top of their men’s running tights. Others dig that tight second skin feel.

What about you, amigo? You made up your mind? Or you on the fence, waiting to be convinced one way or the other? Okay… let’s take a look-see at whether guys in tights need that second layer.   

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Why Wear Running Leggings for Men?

Whether you’re a savage road runner training for a marathon or you're just out for an early morning jog to shake off the cobwebs, investing in running tights makes sense. Sling those baggy cheap ass joggers in the trash and be good to your muscles, my man!

Performance wise, there ain’t no comparison. From enhanced agility to faster post-performance recovery time, men’s running leggings give you the edge. Wearing compression leggings for running is even better. Specifically designed to get your blood oxygen flowing, reduce lactic acid and give you cat-like agility, you’re gonna feel like a superhero wearing these bad boys.   

Still… if you’re anything like a real superhero, you might just insist on wearing something over the top of your tights.

Shorts Over Tights or No? The Debate Continues!

It’s a debate that could rage on forever and a day.

Look, there are definitely some great points on either side of the aisle on this one. Let’s take a closer look-see, shall we?

Pros and Cons of Shorts Over Running Tights

Lots of dudes, from top level sports stars to everyday fellas, swear by wearing shorts over their tights. Here’s our take on the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to shorts over tights.


  • Warmth – if your tights aren’t the top quality kind, shorts over the top can bring that extra little bit of toastiness. 
  • Modesty – depending on the situation, or just your personal preference, you might want to slip on a pair of shorts. Like your mom's church group, for instance


  • Lack of aerodynamics shorts over the top of your sleek running tights are going to slow you down, natch. So, there’s definitely a trade off on performance.
  • Less agility – guys who wear men’s running tights talk of proprioception – that ‘sixth sense’ feel, where you have a heightened awareness of your body’s movement. You lose some of that with shorts flappin’ around down there.

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Pros and Cons of Tights Only

Whether you’re wearing top of the range compression leggings for running or standard men’s running tights, there are a few great pluses and a catch or to two when it comes to wearing ‘em solo.


  • Aerodynamic – that second-skin feel and fly-through-the-air catlike agility just doesn’t feel the same with shorts over the top. On the flip side, when you’re wearing nothin’ but a pair of quality Kapow meggings, the world is your playground.
  • Cool as a mo’fo – we get why some dudes feel exposed wearing running tights. But premium men’s workout tights look the shizzle. Epic designs, amazing colors and, most importantly, flat seams and quality materials that mean no awkward looking crotch. 
  • Thermal – as long as you shell out for some good quality running tights (Kapow meggings, hint-hint) your legs and your crown jewels will be perfectly toasty.


  • Potential for sloppiness – look, we ain’t gonna lie to you. Wearing the wrong kind of leggings (that is, badly fitting leggings, brother!) with no shorts could make you look like a little sloppy. The solution? Get a good fit. Simples
  • Potential for shrinkage – and we ain’t talking about in the wash. Without the quality kind of highly durable, thermal leggings for men, your winter run will make a mouse out of your manhood.  

What Would Work the Best For You?

Still can’t figure out which one floats your boat, buddy boy?

Let’s make it simple shall we? Take a look at our Buyer’s Guide to Finding the Best Men’s Running Tights for all you need to know about getting the right running tights, then check out our epic performance range. Kapow meggings are custom-made for beast workouts and endurance runs… trust us, you’re gonna love ‘em.

Then wear them with a cool running top and get out there, you beautiful bastard! And, if you still don’t feel comfortable wearing them solo, throw some shorts over the top. Either way, settle that debate once and for all!  


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