10 Perfect Occasions to Wear Men's Leggings

As versatile as an ambidextrous chameleon’s swiss army knife, meggings are made for every occasion.

Invest in a humble pair of megs and you’ve got yourself some men’s workout leggings, festival leggings, comfortable leggings for home and men’s yoga leggings – all rolled into one sweet ass package.

So, whether you’re a wild young buck, a 40-something daddy cool or a snake-hipped silver fox, make your style all-out versatile. 

Fit for any time, any place… but here are 10 of the best.

Top 10 occasions to wear meggings

Slaying it at the gym

Crushing it at gym workouts

You remember those days of hitting the gym in a bedraggled pair of sweatpants?

  1. Sweatpants? Pfft. I’ve only ever worn men’s spandex leggings made from the finest fibers known to mankind.
  2. Yeah… whoooah man, that was a while ago. I’m glad I’ve been turned on to men’s workout leggings.
  3. Er… I still wear them dude. They used to be my ‘trusty’ sweatpants, now they’re my ‘crusty’ sweatpants.
  4. If by “hitting the gym” you mean standing in my bedroom with a set of 2 kg dumbbells and if by “sweatpants” you mean my boxers, then yeah. That was yesterday.

If you answered C or D, you’re in need of an intervention (although kudos for the honesty, pal). You’re yet to experience the level of muscle protection and comfort that compression workout pants will bring. The sheer level of second-skin wonder brought by slipping on a pair of men’s spandex leggings. The epic ‘I could punch a hole in the sky’ confidence that flows through you, when you don a pair of meticulously designed and engineered men’s athletic leggings. 

Try them once. You’ll never go back, buddy.

Rambling in the park

Rambling in the park

Buy a pair of fashion tights with wild colors like blue, green and crazy designs and you’ll be turning heads everywhere you go. Face it… the stigma of guys wearing tights is disappearing faster than a keg of beer at a St Patrick’s Day party. 

Men’s spandex leggings and men’s hiking leggings are manly. Now and forever buddy… so slip ‘em on and get rambling. Because when regal comfort meets wild-child style, the results are undeniable, baby!

Plus, sports tights are made for all types of weather – put them on for a winter walk and you’ll be nice and toasty; slip them on for summer and that breathable, sweat-wicking construction’s gonna come into its own.

Working from home

Tell me you always wanted to wear a pair of super comfy, lightweight, breathable men’s leggings to the office, but didn’t quite have the cojones!

Now that you’re a work from homeboy, it’s your chance to take your work outfit to another dimension, sucka! Do me a favor… take those ill-fitting slacks, that hideous office shirt and that tie with the coffee stains on it and burn them all in the backyard. It’s time to reinvent work clothes, with a side order of swagger.

Men’s yoga leggings are perfect for the home office. They’re so comfortable, wearing them feels like you're sitting buck naked on a pillow of angel feathers. And if you’re after comfortable leggings for home, you know where to look – our lounge collection is gonna take you there.

And this time, when your boss catches you wearing some slick ass meggings during your weekly meeting, it’ll be via zoom, and he’ll be wanting to know where he can buy fashion tights like yours. 

You know where to send him, my man.  

Getting your hike or your bike on

Getting your hike or your bike on

Ah, nature. Ain’t nothing like getting out under that big blue sky and screaming into the wild. And while a nice comfy pair of hiking boots is top of the list when it comes to hiking gear, quality men’s hiking leggings aren’t far behind. They’re now an essential piece of kit for the hiker who likes to feel at one with wilderness. 

If you’d rather bike than hike, men’s athletic meggings should be your go-to destination in the downstairs department. All the best saddle hounds agree that sports tights or cycling shorts are the shizzle, with the extra padding, the stretch and the downright delicious degree of comfort that’s gonna make all the difference during those long rides. And for those bike-run-swim kings, men’s workout leggings make for ideal triathlon clothing. 

Painting the town red

Painting the town red

Okay, so your trusty meggings have got you covered in the gym, in the park, in the countryside and in your home. But slap my ass and call me Sally, these bad boys are also perfect for an epic night on the town. 

Buy some fashion tights and go for those stylish yet sleazy rock star vibes and pair some Denim Dan meggings with a slick black jacket. Or shake rattle and roll ‘em with a pair of velvet leggings and a fitted white shirt and skinny black tie. 

If you’re more about the razzle dazzle than the subtle style, get on the hunt for some balls out (not literally) party leggings outfits – they’ll make you the king of retro cool. Just add a white blazer and slicked back hair for the full Don Johnson effect.

Getting down at a dance party

Getting down at a dance party

If your night out is destined to end up on a dance floor, there’s no better clothing to be wearing than a pair of colorful, comfy men’s spandex leggings that bring out your inner dance god.

This is where fashion tights meet men’s workout leggings, where style meets performance. Mix and match colors, outshine the disco ball with gold or silver metallic leggings, be a neon demon on the dance floor or go for some 70s Saturday Night Fever threads.

Finding your inner zen with yoga

Finding your inner zen with yoga

Whether you’re a yoga master searching for serenity, or a complete newbie hunting for sports tights that don’t ride up your ass crack, you’ll appreciate the sublime style and comfort of men’s yoga leggings. 

Engineered to make you go “ooooh yeeeeah” every time you slip them on, men’s yoga leggings are beyond comfortable. Like a sexy second skin, they become one with your legs, cradling your balls like a velvet gloved angel. So cozy wozy, so comfy womfy, once you’ve worn them, you won’t be able to get your yoga on without them ever again.

Getting weird and wonderful at a music festival

Getting weird and wonderful at a music festival

When it comes to forgetting space and time, escaping the mundane and breaking through to the sublime, nothing holds a candle to a music festival.

You wanna get weird and wonderful? Then festival leggings are second to none. Outlandish designs and a kaleidoscope of colors bring your inner kook to the fore, with the freedom to frolic and drop kick conformity into outer space. 

You can, of course, channel your eccentricities through a costume. Party leggings outfits are a great way to turn heads and let loose – whether you’re wearing galaxy print festival leggings and a panda head or unicorn meggings with a suede fedora, you know you’re gonna be the life and soul. 

Pushing the pain limits through extreme sports

Pushing the pain limits through extreme sports

For those who like to go all the way to the edge of the pain barrier, slap it aside and stroll on through, men’s athletic leggings are perfect. 

Whether you want full blown triathlon clothing for your running-cycling-swimming high jinks, or robust men’s athletic leggings for iron man and tough mudder madness, high performance compression workout pants are ideal for those extreme moments. 

So, push on through that pain barrier you beautiful warrior… the rewards are glorious.

Running a mother-flippin’ marathon

Running a mother-flippin’ marathon

Speaking of pain and glory, it just doesn’t get more painful or glorious than a mother-flippin’ marathon. Any fool can run… it takes a special kind of fool to run a marathon. If that fool is you, don those men’s athletic leggings and get running, champ. 

The best men’s workout leggings are great for distance running – with compression that gets oxygen to your muscles and helps you go for longer. Trust me, if that Marathon messenger boy of lore had been decked out in a quality pair of sports tights, he’d have been in Athens before sundown.