Life isn’t meant to be boring. And neither are you. 
We’re here to add some swagger to your street style and get all eyes on you, because that’s what happens in a pair of Kapows.

B-but aren’t leggings for girls? Hell no, son! Human beings are built for self-expression, and we’re here to give risk takers and heartbreakers the conversation starters they were born for. Whether you’re rocking our solid gold 24 Carats or second skinning in Jake The Snakes, you don’t just go to parties in Kapow Meggings – you are the party.

We’ve been rocking meggings for years, and man, you wouldn’t believe where they can take you. Backstage, penthouses, secret bars, house parties, deep playa at Burning Man. Everyone loves a dude rocking good-time duds, they know he’s up to party and down for anything. And that’s why we started Kapow – for men who like to stand out and live loud. Since we launched, we’ve seen people rocking meggs for festivals, fashion, fitness, yoga, running, cycling, acrobatics, wrestling, BASE jumping, dancing, and anywhere guys can look good and express themselves.

We don’t just sell these bad boys. We live them. Join the Kapow crew and help us bring the mother flippin’ good times.

Ben & Jordan