Sustainability & Social Good

As an independent brand we care deeply about ethical production, managing our environmental impact, and supporting worthy causes. We’re constantly working towards sustainable business practice. Here’s how we’re doing it. 

$1 From Every Order Goes To The Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal

To help support the people of Ukraine we will be donating $1 from every order to the Red Cross Ukraine Crisis. This donation will be ongoing until the situation in the Ukraine has stabilized, after which time we will resume donations to our charity partners Oceana, Boys To Men USA, and NAMI.

    red cross ukraine crisis appeal

    Ethical Production

    By keeping our supply chain small, we can better ensure that all of our products are ethically made. We personally visit all of our partners at least once a year to evaluate their production methods and the care of their employees. We tour factory floors, inspect the equipment, and meet the workers – and we only work with suppliers who offer a safe working environment, fair pay, no child labour, and decent working hours as observed by law. 

    Ethical Production

    GRS Certified 

    All of the manufacturers we work with are Global Recycled Standard certified. What does this mean? Glad you asked! Our supply chain complies with GRS standards set for recycled content, social and environmental practices and chemical restrictions. We also undertake independent third-party testing on all our product ranges to ensure they meet global standards.

    Plastic Bottle in the ocean

    Recycled & Recyclable Packaging

    We did a ton of research on the most environmentally friendly packaging to use, and you’d be surprised by what we learned. Most brands won’t tell you that their fancy biodegradable packaging is only around 70% biodegradable. Compostable packaging isn’t great because it only breaks down under specific conditions, and if you don’t have a home compost you need to send the packaging to an industrial composting facility. We’ve found the best option is using packaging that is (a) made from recycled materials, and (b) can be recycled again. So we’ll keep using that until something better comes along! Our postcards are made from Forest Stewardship Council-certified 100% recycled paper, too. Every little bit helps!

    Recyclable packing by Kapow

    Recycled Fabrics

    Our ECO RANGE uses recycled polyester made from post-consumer plastic like PET bottles, fishing nets and ring pulls that are broken down and spun into yarn, which is then knitted into performance leggings. Recycled polyester also takes less energy to make than virgin polyester. The best part? They’re not only strong and durable, but also lightweight. Turns out plastic can be fantastic for leggings! Check them out in action here

    Recycled men's leggings by Kapow Meggings

    Recycled polyester made from post-consumer plastic like PET bottles