Originals Leggings

Light & bright men's leggings.High stretch for comfort and flexibility.

Perfect For Everyday Wear

Kapow Originals are our core range of men’s leggings – the ideal all-rounder. Designed to fit like a second skin, they’re made from our signature high-stretch spandex and polyester fabric which makes them lightweight, breathable, and incredibly comfortable. Join men all over the world who wear Kapow Originals for running, yoga, festivals, hanging around the house (goodbye sweat pants!) and to supercharge your street style. Brave, be unboring and attack life with the confidence of a rock star!

Get all eyes on you at festivals! The Kapow Originals collection has a huge range of loud colors and epic designs, from animal print leggings with tigers and unicorns, snakeskin leggings, galaxy leggings, black and white striped leggings and leopard print leggings. To really rock the kasbah, get men’s exclusive rainbow leggings that will make you the life of the mother-flipping’ party. The breathable, sweat-wicking fabric of our men's leggings make all-day dance sessions a breeze.

Who said men’s fitness fashion had to be boring? Whether you’re hitting a morning jog or doing your best downward dog, Kapow Originals will keep you cool (in looks and temperature!) through cardio sessions. They’re easy to pack and are light, bright and moisture wicking. Featuring a secure waistband for a comfortable fit no matter your body type, and a sports gusset for maximum flexibility and free movement.