Kapow Performance
Men's Leggings

Kapow Performance men’s leggings are designed to get physical. High performance spandex and polyester construction provides mid-level compression to help stabilize muscles while providing superior support, comfort and durability. Engineered with 4-way stretch, extra tough stitching, and sweat-wicking technology, plus secure & slimline hip pockets to hold your phone and keys firm whether you’re running, wrestling, or BASE jumping.

Chromablast Performance Meggings
Frenzy Performance Meggings
Hyperdrive Performance Meggings
Geotech Performance Meggings
Hacker Performance Meggings
Sharknado Performance Meggings
Jungle Funk Performance Meggings
High Voltage Performance Meggings
Starlord Performance Meggings


  • “An athleisure fashion revolution”

  • “The best when it comes to colorful and funky styles.”

  • “Incredibly comfortable. Like never want to take them off kind of comfy.”

  • “Gives you the freedom to be yourself.”

  • “I felt empowered, as if the meggings were a superhero costume.”