Slay Summer Festivals With Men’s Fashion Leggings

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You know what freedom looks like? Wearing leggings to a summer festival. If you’ve done it, you know what you mean. If you haven’t – boy oh boy, you do not know what you’re missing out on. 

Nowadays, guys wearing leggings are breaking loose and shaking free from conformity – and a festival is the place to do it. A refuge for the weird and wonderful, festivals are where the mundane everyday laws of style aren’t so much rewritten as ripped to shreds and burnt to cinders.

Wanna know how to wear festival meggings like you mean it? Check it out…

Hitting the Festival Circuit? You Need Men's Fashion Leggings

Freedom and Functionality (AKA Phone Pockets)

Freeeedom! I won’t let ya down. The freedom to dress the way you want is damn near critical, and never more so than at a festival.

Tempest Men’s Leggings

Leggings pictured: Tempest Men’s Leggings

This is the place to abandon the status quo, spit in the eye of the zeitgeist, karate kick conformity and be freeeeee!

Festival outfits based around male leggings are liquid freedom baby, a second skin feel for the to keep you cruisy all day and comfy all night. Jeans? Pffft. You think James Dean would be wearing jeans if he was a rebel without a cause in today’s world? Nope. He’d be rocking a pair of subzero cool men’s fashion leggings. True story. 

For all their savage style, festival meggings pack in plenty of functionality too. Good quality men’s festival leggings come with pockets, meaning you can keep your essentials close by as you stomp the terra morning, noon, and night.

Comfort For Days

This is clutch. You know the kind of threads that bring new levels of comfort? When you slip ‘em on you sob with happiness and feel like you can take on the world? That’s the deal with men’s fashion leggings. 

Anyone who’s ever been to one knows that comfort is normally the last thing you associate with a festival. From using your muddy boot as a nighttime pillow, to having to deal with fourth-day crotch rot and ball sweat, no one’s expecting an easy ride. 

Then you slip on some slinky second skin festival meggings and my gawd who knew things could be this comfortable, this frikkin’ easy? Wear them all day without a single ball rearrangement, and zero itchy scratchy bits. 


Rev X Men’s ¾ Leggings

 Photo: @shootwithdustin / Leggings pictured: Rev X Men’s ¾ Leggings

Style to Burn

Good clothes make you feel different. You know that feeling you get from an item of clothing that seems like an extension of your personality? That’s the score with men’s funky pants  – whatever wild child multicolour madness your mind can muster, you better believe there’s a pair of men’s festival pants fit for purpose!  

Whether it’s leopard print leggings to unleash your wild side, galaxy leggings for crazy cosmic kicks or shimmering silver tights for the best in glam rock festival outfits, festival leggings are all about bringing your personality to the fore.    

The Essentials of Festival Dressing

Strictly speaking, there are no essentials.

Well… wearing something would be one essential… unless you want to end up with a shrinky winky in the back of a meat wagon. 

Other than that, wear something that you want to wear. Remember, those threads are an extension of your personality, so don’t fret about what people will say. If, say, you’ve always wanted to rock some crazy, funky men’s pants with a kaleidoscope of colours, go for it! And wear them with pride, dude.

Another point – dress for the season. Warmth is a biggee, even in summer. Festivals can get damn cold in the evening, so a thicker pair of party leggings will fit the bill. And, if you’re getting festival frolics in dusty deserts like the Burning of the Man, remember… even playa outfits should keep out the cold at night, while preventing heatstroke during the day. 

Plan Your Outfit

Okay, let’s dish out the inspo. If you’re intrigued about wearing festival meggings and you want some ideas for leggings-based festival outfits, here’s some ideas to get those creative juices flowing, boyyo!

First bit of advice… always be you. Unless you can be a unicorn. In which case, be a goddamn unicorn. Slap on some Fantasia meggings and bring some sunshine on a cloudy day, spreading smiles all over the show. Someone’s gotta do it, right?

Okay, you’re more into men’s funky pants in a space cowboy kind of way? Kapow’s Jake the Snake silver tights, or Heavy Metal metallic leggings will do the trick. You could even get all cosmic in a pair of Interstellar galaxy meggings. Then glam it up with some Bowie-esque face paint, or go full tilt Daft Punk, space helmets and all. Damn right we’re up all night to get lucky!

Rock festivals outfits often work best with a proper wild edge. Either leopard print leggings (Snow Leopard for you alpine cats out there) or Velvet Tiger leggings bring some seriously savage style, with comfort that’ll make you purr.  

Velvet Tiger Men’s ¾ Leggings

Photo: @shootwithdustin / Leggings pictured: Velvet Tiger Men’s ¾ Leggings

Things to Bring

Okay, let’s get the practicalities out of the way. 

You’re gonna need waterproofs – especially if you're hitting up a festival in Ol’ Blighty. Wellies are a given… there’ll be mudslides aplenty and you’d better be ready for them!

Unless you're a bronze adonis, or you’ve always wanted to look like a slow roasted beetroot, you’ll need sun protection, my man. Pack sun cream and a decent sunhat, stat! And while we’re talking protection, stock up on those johnnies, cos, well, you never know…

Meanwhile, let’s talk style. Guys wearing leggings are like a beautiful badass blank canvas when it comes to accessories… throw on heaps of jewellery (bracelets, necklaces, monocles) or go for crazy coloured hippie bands. Either way, go buck wild!

Are Meggings Worth The Investment?

So, it seems more and more high street stores are jumping on board the ‘guys wearing leggings’ bandwagon. Chances are, you’ll find a couple pairs of decent sports tights for dudes in your local sports shop.

But a pair of average meggings maketh not a head turnin’, rule burnin’, soul shakin’ pair of kickass men’s festival pants. We’re talking the kind of funky men’s pants that would make Lenny Kravitz scream “hell yeeeeeah!”

 So, you wanna know where to buy galaxy leggings, cosmic tights, leopard print leggings and the like? The stuff that’s made to last a lifetime of skullduggery? The kind of funky festival tights  that make you feel like a time-travelling lord of mischief, floating on a colourful cloud of merriment at 3am in the Glasto Stone Circle? 

Two words, four syllables. Kapow, baby.


Interstellar Men’s Leggings

Photo: / Leggings pictured: Interstellar Men’s Leggings