Buyer's Guide to Finding the Best Men's Running Tights

Buyer's Guide to Finding the Best Men's Running Tights
Buyer's Guide to Finding the Best Men's Running Tights

Maybe you run because you like pounding the pavement.

Maybe you run because you like pounding the booze, and you wanna live past 50.

Maybe you run to take the edge off life, and the alternatives are frowned upon and/or illegal.

Whatever your reason – be you athlete, boozehound or self-contained psycho – do yourself a favor and get the right running gear. 

Don’t how, what or why? Pay attention brother! School’s in sesh.


What are running tights anyways?

Call them men’s running leggings. Call them men’s tights, or men’s compression pants. Call them sleek-ass second-skin slayers. Call them whatever you want, the only thing you need to realize is just how essential they are for any kind of modern, high-octane performance.

Men’s running tights are the standard sportswear for athletes with thunder in their thighs and the finish line in their eyes. Whether you’re a sprinter or a distance man, men’s tights have so much to offer. You ain’t ever gonna dabble in cheap jogging pants again. Just wear them on their own, or throw a pair of men’s running shorts on top and BOOOM! Off you go.

Men’s tights are made to take you beyond your normal limits. That means more endurance, more agility, more comfort and that feeling that you can’t put your finger on. The one that makes you feel invincible.

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Why You Should Wear Compression Pants for Running

Running should be feeling free to express yourself – the activity comes first, so let go, and wear whatever you want to wear.


Well, within reason.

Okay. Let’s be clear. Running is definitely about feeling free and expressing yourself. But you gotta know what’s on the table. ‘Cause as soon as you’ve experienced running in compression wear, you’ll realize that regular jogging pants or boring ol’ sweats are for the unenlightened. 


Tailor-made to get that blood oxygen flowing, men’s running tights bring superhero energy for those endurance runs. Whether you’re running the streets, running in the country, running a marathon or running from your ex, nobody’s catching you in these bad boys.


Compression wear reduces lactic acid build up, improves oxygen flow and supports your muscles, helping them recover faster and more effectively. Sounds sweet, no?


The way you feel while performing has a mahhh-hoosive impact on your actual performance. Men’s marathon leggings increase agility and dexterity. They bring that elusive ‘sixth sense.’


No fool, not that one! The one that gives you an increased awareness of your body as you’re moving. It’s called proprioception (see? Told ya school was in sesh) and you need to bring the next-level to your performances and workouts.


Lightweight four-way stretch materials give you maximum flexibility. So, whether you’re pushing yourself to the outer edges during a run or getting zenned up to the max in a yoga session, you’ll have full flexibility and range of movement.

In the pocket

No more running with your phone in your hand like a top-notch chump. The best men’s run tights come with bounce-proof pockets to keep your phone nice and secure, while some even have a secure zip pocket to keep your keys and cash safe.

Once you’ve tried running tights with pockets, ain’t no going back. And if meggings with pockets still ain’t your thing, throw on a pair of men’s running shorts with pockets on top.

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The Benefits of Wearing Compression Clothing While Working Out

It’s not just compression leggings for running that take your performance to the next level. Wearing compression gear during your gym workouts can bring a master boost.

Whether it’s compression leggings, compression pants or a compression shirt you’re wearing during your workouts, you’re looking at high-grade muscle support. The result? Faster, stronger, longer workouts. You’ll be shredded in no time.

Add to sweat-wicking capabilities and insane levels of comfort, and it’s clear that compression is the only way to go! 

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What to Look for When Buying Men's Running Tights


Compression pants for running should fit tight and feel like a second skin. Like it extra tight? Go a size down. Wanna sound like a chipmunk? Go three sizes down. 

Seriously though, get the fit right and you’ll never want to take them off. They should be tight without being restrictive, but not too loose to lose the compression benefits. Remember… always check the size chart. 

Material Quality

The best men’s running leggings are made from lightweight, breathable, high-stretch spandex and polyester or nylon, for free movement, comfort and durability.


The best men’s run leggings are made from high-tech compression fabric, making them breathable and insulated. So, whether you’re pushing the limits in summer or winter, you’re covered. 

Man in snow

Design & Visibility

Men’s running compression shorts come in all different kinds of styles and designs. Some catch the eye during the day, which is sweet. Some catch the eye at night, which is dang essential. If you’re a night runner, stay fit and get lit in a pair of Sonic Boom men’s compression leggings, and let those drivers see you coming.


Running tights range from $20 to $100+. But you get what you pay for, right? So, before you settle for some cheap fugazis, or call the whole thing off and borrow your girlfriend’s or sister’s leggings, consider shelling out for some good quality running leggings. Especially if you’re going to be using them a lot.

High-end running pants are more durable, more comfortable and hold their shape. Plus, they come with some seriously cool designs and will make your legs look better than they’ve ever looked.

How to Find the Best Deals on Men’s Running Compression Shorts

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