Men's Loungewear: What to Wear if You Work From Home

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Picture @black_metal_lawyer on Instagram. Leggings shown Golden Cobra Men’s Leggings

Picture: @black_metal_lawyer on Instagram. Leggings shown: Golden Cobra Men’s Leggings

There are a truckload of benefits caused by the work from home revolution. 

No more weeping at the wheel stuck in a dark and drizzly Monday morning traffic jam. No more listening to Dave from accounts talk about his weekend playing Call of Duty.  

And, most importantly, no more sitting around all day in terrible workwear.

See, while guys in leggings would be shunned at the office, when it comes to working from home, threads don’t get much comfier. 

So… let’s talk next level lounge leggings that are so comfortable you’ll never want to take them off.

Picture @shootwithdustin. Leggings shown Fantasia Men’s Leggings

Picture: @shootwithdustin. Leggings shown: Fantasia Men’s Leggings

Wait… loungewear? That’s like sweat pants and slippers, right?

Yeah, maybe in the 1990s. Here’s the thing… in the here and now, the best loungewear brands are taking your comfort seriously. No more cheap as chips claptrap, sewn and thrown together in a hurry. 

Of course, the idea of loungewear is that, when you slip it on, you feel like a pampered prince. Like a comfy king. It’s the total flip side of those bad-fitting, cheap and tacky suits that fill offices up and down the land. 

Loungewear finds that oh so sweet spot between athletic wear and sleepwear. So, instead of sweating buckets in office-regulation cotton white shirts, you can slip on a cool, comfortable top. And instead of cheap ill-fitting polyester trousers in an overheated office, you can chill in some classy lounge leggings or flexible men’s yoga leggings.  

While loungewear used to be all about substance, the latest trends take style into account too. Just because you’re lounging, doesn’t mean you can’t be looking and feeling dope.  

Picture @benji.kickz on Instagram. Leggings shown Velvet Tiger Men’s Leggings

Picture: @benji.kickz on Instagram. Leggings shown: Velvet Tiger Men’s Leggings

Benefits of men who work from home rocking the loungewear

Are you ready to ditch that rat race high street uniform? Ready for serious lounge lizard style? Let’s break down the benefits of wearing loungewear when working from home.


When you’re working against the clock to meet that deadline, the last thing you want to be worrying about is your balls sticking to your leg. And no matter how many times you shuffle your trousers or reach down for a sneaky rearrange, it finds its way back to your thigh.

Well, men in yoga pants can relax, safe in the knowledge that their nuts know their place. This ain’t like sneaking on a pair of ladies’ leggings… men’s yoga tights are specifically constructed for the male form, junk and all. Plus, with sweat wicking technology, you’ll stay super dry and super fly. 


Warm and breathable

Ah, that magical blend of warmth and breathability! There aren’t many types of threads you can wear in summer and winter, but the best loungewear is proper adaptable. 

Good quality materials keep you snug as a bug when there’s a chill in the air – so no need to crank that heating up when working from home. Then, in the summertime, the living is easy for guys in leggings, with high level breathability keeping you fresh and cool. Do you wear underwear with leggings? Wear them however you want dude! You wanna go commando, you go commando, gaddamit!

Picture @shootwithdustin. Leggings shown Daydream Men’s Leggings

Picture: @shootwithdustin. Leggings shown: Daydream Men’s Leggings


There was a time when loungewear meant slipping on grey or beige sweat bottoms, with an old comfy jumper your nan knitted for you. 

Nowadays, loungewear is bringing some serious style. Whether it’s a summertime sleeveless men’s tank top, men’s yoga pants with crazy patterns, or those funky types of multicolored lycra leggings you can buy online, loungewear is now as much about looking cool as feeling cosy.

It’s not all about looking badass though… the sophisticated type of loungewear can give you plenty of elegance to complement the comfort, bringing a touch of class to those zoom call team meetings, even if you are going commando down below. 


How to dress casually, but still look put together

Let’s be honest, fellas. The most stylish guys out there look like they don’t give a monkeys about how they look, yet they seem to have everything right. How the hell do they do it?

It’s that illusion of looking casual and carefree, when really it’s all carefully considered. So, get the colors right – one or two tones bring a nice simplicity – layer up and… wear leggings!

Casual leggings, whether they’re lounge meggings or men’s yoga pants, are a great choice when it comes to dressing casually, but still looking put together.

 Picture  Instagram. Leggings shown Velvet Royale Men’s Leggings

 Picture:  Instagram. Leggings shown: Velvet Royale Men’s Leggings

How to accessorize loungewear 

Adding an extra element of style to your loungewear is nice and easy, but just keep a few things in mind.

First, think about what kind of accessories fit with the outfit. A belt is a good fit for some free-feeling linen trousers, while a scarf would be great with jet black leggings, for that dapper dandy look. You could even try a beanie hat with yoga leggings and an active tank, for that athleisure look. 

Try to match colors, unless you’re going for that ‘kaleidoscopic psychedelic peacock who works from home’ look. In which case, go nuts.

Different types of loungewear available

Wait… there’s more than one? That’s right, you lucky little lounge lizard you…

All in one tracksuits

Favored by ‘90s revivalists and Italian American TV gangsters. Preferably worn with a heavy dose of Lynx Africa or on top of a plain white vest covered in ragu.

T-shirt and jogging bottoms

The classic choice of loungewear. Don’t get me wrong, it’s comfy. But you’re not really pushing the boat out and you’re missing out on some next level comfort courtesy of the next choice…

T-shirt or sleeveless tank top and men’s leggings

Ohhhhh baby. Listen, any mention of leggings is usually confined to the ladies loungewear section. But just slip on some lounge leggings and tell me it doesn’t feel like a sexy second skin! Go on, I dare ya!

Hey, there’s a reason men in yoga pants look like they’re on the cusp of nirvana. Yeah, yeah, yeah, higher state of consciousness and all that. But you better believe that those men’s yoga leggings are playing a part. 

Where to buy them loungewear leggings

Ah, so you’re interested huh? Good man. Well, the mainstream is finally caving to the idea that men want to wear leggings – in the home, in the gym and out on the street. So, you can easily nab yourself a pair in good sportswear shops on the high street.

But, if you want next level comfort, you wanna look further afield. 

Kapow makes lounge leggings like no other – everyday comfort with some spectacular style that you’ll want to live in. 

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