Meggings Style Guide: 5 Ways to Add Colour to Your Wardrobe

Meggings Style Guide: 5 Ways to Add Colour to Your Wardrobe

Tiger Shark Men’s Performance Leggings

Style shown: Tiger Shark Men’s Performance Leggings

When it comes to setting the mood with colour, it’s how you use it that counts. As Barcelona’s primo painter Joan Miró once said, “I try to apply colours like words that shape poems, like words that shape music.”

So, let’s shape some sweet music of our own shall we? Here’s all you need to know about how to add some kickass colour to your wardrobe, using the coolest men’s leggings on the planet.

5 Tips on Adding Colour to Your Outfit

1. Wear deep colors with contrasting bolds

Jet black with hot pink, cherry red with big bold blue… when it comes to pairing up deeps and bolds, the limitations are all in your mind my friend. 

Fortune favours the bold, so slap on some bright coloured leggings and contrast with bold colours up top, for eye-catching, head turning get-up.

Tempest Men’s Performance Leggings

Style shown: Tempest Men’s Performance Leggings

2. Try monochromatic

Sometimes, it’s all about simplicity, fella. Classy, crisp and effortlessly cool, monochrome emphasizes the cut – of your clothes and your jib – letting the world know you mean business.

You wanna know where to buy leggings with designs that are monochromatic? We’ve got you covered, you classy son of biatch!

3. Accessorise

Wanna make that colour really pop? Get wise and accessorise mate! Slap on those sexy as hell silver metallic leggings, break up the colour with a plain black tee and throw on a shit-hot silver chain or bracelet.

Mix and match colours with a scarf, hat, watch or some sleek sunglasses and take your coloured leggings to another level.

Daydream Originals Men’s Leggings

Style shown: Daydream Originals Men’s Leggings

4. Experiment and style up however you like

Sod flippin’ the script. Tear it to shreds and leave it in your wake. Fashion’s about expression, so stand out and shine, son.

You wanna wear a velvet hat, string vest, men’s red tights and Doc Martens? Own it! You wanna strut your stuff wearing an unbuttoned rainbow shirt, men’s ¾ leggings and hi-tops? Do it!

5. Use an accent piece (preferably meggings)

Ain’t nothing worse than a bad accent...


So, let’s get it right, shall we? An accent colour may not catch the eye, but they define the outfit and make it unique. That’s why leggings – we’re thinking black velvet leggings – are all you need. They harmonise the line, colour and texture of your getup. ‘Nuff said. 

Tempest Men’s Performance Leggings

Style shown: Tempest Men’s Performance Leggings

Why are leggings the best way to add colour to your wardrobe?

You can choose any colour you want!


When the sun ain’t shining, bring your own colour to the day. Offset a pair of vibrant men’s green leggings with a bright red t-shirt, or flip it round and pair some men’s red tights with something mean and green up top. Get creative, cut loose and master your colour.

Cobra Slash Men’s Originals Leggings

Style shown: Cobra Slash Men’s Originals Leggings


Get your funk on with some glorious shades and damn fine fades. In the summer months, ombre is where it’s at. You know where to buy leggings with designs that transition from deep to light? Superfly fun leggings that make a statement of intent? That’s right… Kapow, baby!


Mastering metal is a tricky affair. Get it right and you’ll shine like a metallic sexy beast. Get it wrong and you’ll look like a walking-talking disco ball.

Know where to find metallic leggings for men? Or where to find gold leggings? High streets ain’t selling ‘em, that’s for sure. You gotta come to the specialists for these bad boys. Pair them with non-metallic colours – a simple black tee with silver metallic leggings is enough to bring some flash swagger.

Alchemy Men’s Metallic Leggings

Style shown: Alchemy Men’s Metallic Leggings


While the glum, gloomy shitspitters of the world spew their joyless piffle, be a louder-than-life influence and embrace men’s neon tights like a champion. 

Take risks, turn heads and send out those good vibrations with that daredevil spirit. Wear men’s neon tights and you’ll never have a dull moment. Fact.


Black velvet leggings?


From the renaissance romance to 70s glam, velvet is the choice for the elegant gentleman. Suave texture meets deep colour, with black, red, blue, purple, russet and burnt orange. You wanna make a statement? You can’t go wrong with velvet leggings. 

Animal prints

Make a minimalist choke on their unbuttered bread with some instant kitsch. Animal print is all about getting wild and exotic with a desire to transcend the trivial. When done right, it’s a trend that never dies.

Party Animal Men’s Originals Leggings

Style shown: Party Animal Men’s Originals Leggings


Put a spring in your step, nature boy! Light up the room with some bloomin’ marvelous men’s green leggings, with floral patterns to raise smiles and heart rates. Pair with denim or delicate subtle colours and adorn with retro cool hippie accessories.

Polka dots

Studies show that it’s impossible to have a hard day in polka dots. Wait… you think polka dots aren’t manly enough? Hmmm… d’you know that many non-Western cultures consider them a sign of male virility and magic? 



Line up, line up! Earn your stripes and wear them with style – go stripe on stripe, mix colours, perspectives and sizes, or keep it simple and pair zebra stripe leggings with a black t-shirt. 

Bold designs

Dare to be bold. Fashion legend Carmel Snow once said, “Elegance is good taste plus a dash of daring.” Wanna know where to find leggings with big bold designs that win the day? You know Kapow has got you covered, buddy.

Wonderland Men’s Performance Leggings

Style shown: Wonderland Men’s Performance Leggings

You can pick a style

High waisted

Are you all about comfort? Nab yourself some high risers and feel all snug as a bug in a rug buddy boy.

Low waisted

Or maybe you wanna strut your stuff on the street or at a festival? Rocking a pair of low-risers is a sure bet muchacho.


When the heat is on, men’s ¾ leggings are the way to go. Still rolling up those painfully bad Primark leggings you stole from your sister? Cut the crap and cut the quarter in some stylish, made for purpose men’s ¾ leggings in any colour you choose.

Streetwear leggings

Fear can kiss your rear end! Streetwear is all about standing out and dressing without inhibitions. Whether you’re styling the rainbow leggings, black velvet leggings, men’s neon tights or just all out balls-to-the-wall fun leggings, express yourself and dare to be different.

Leggings with pockets

It’s time to stop asking your missus to stick your phone in her handbag. High-end meggings bring some serious comfort and convenience, with perfectly placed pockets to ensure you never lose your cool nor your valuables.