The Rock'n'Roll God

The Rock'n'Roll God

NAME: Lonny Eagleton
OCCUPATION: Touring Musician & lead guitarist for Shawn Hook
LIVES: Vancouver, Canada
INSTAGRAM: @LonnyEagleton
FACEBOOK: @lonnyeagletonguitar


I am a touring guitarist and studio musician who has shared the stage with artists such as Shawn Hook, Hailee Steinfeld, Ria Mae, and Vanessa Hudgens. I tour theatres and arenas all over the globe, as well as doing the occasional TV appearance. Shows that I have performed on include Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Juno Awards, the Today Show, and the Much Music Video Awards. I love to rock out, share the gift of music, meet fans, and most importantly I do it all wearing my Kapow Meggings!


One time I was on tour with Shawn Hook and we were playing a show in New York City at the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan. Due to a construction error, there was a hole on the side of the stage that fell 6 feet into concrete and truss rods. The lights were dim, and nobody had warned me about this dangerous hole that led straight to hell. Needless to say, I accidentally walked right into it, feel through the stage and ended up having to get 5 stitches on my forehead. Not fun at all, but at least my meggings made it out in one piece.

lonny eagleton on stage wearing hyperdrive meggings


What makes me unique is my image on stage. I have a hairstyle that nobody else has, I wear skin tight pants, and I have a full sleeve of tattoos. I feel that life is short, and you may as well have fun with your style while you can!


My style is best described as an 80s rocker with a touch of modern flare. I grew up idolizing bands like Guns N' Roses, Van Halen, and Black Veil Brides, so I've always been drawn to the "look" of a band as much I've been drawn to their music. I enjoy standing out in a crowd, and entertaining an audience in as many ways possible. The thing to remember is that people aren't only listening to your show, they are also WATCHING your show. Therefore it is important to convey a sense of visual imagery, one that can compliment your songs and heighten the overall experience.


One of my favourite things is being on a tour bus. As a teenager I would always fall asleep at night dreaming about one day travelling on a bus playing music with my best friends, so to finally realize that dream now provides me with a major sense of accomplishment.


"The fat will last longer than the taste."


The Nightriders have always been my "go to". However, I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on a pair of the new Black Magics sometime soon!