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The Gay Icon

NAME: Brian Webb
OCCUPATION: Owner and Editor-in-Chief of HomoCulture
LIVES: Vancouver, BC, Canada
INSTAGRAM: @br_webb
FACEBOOK: @MyWebbSiteca


I’m originally from a small, rural community in the interior of British Columbia. I moved to Vancouver 10 years ago. My family and friends played an important role in helping me become who I am; however, owning HomoCulture and winning the prestigious award, Mr. Gay Canada People’s Choice in 2012, has significantly shaped my life as an LGBT advocate and influencer. I am always on the lookout for new adventures, challenges, and pursuing my dreams. My inspiration in life comes from friends, family, members of the LGBT community, and things I randomly come across on the internet or see along my many, many travels. While I have a number of goals in life, and a bucket list I’m checking things off, I often don’t plan things too far ahead. I take life as it comes, always seeking new opportunities and looking for new adventures. I love living in the fast lane.


I grew up in a very challenging environment, with complicated family dynamics and bullying throughout elementary and high school. Instead of letting those things push me down, I learned from them and have risen to become a strong mentor, leader, and advocate. In 2012, I participated in the Mr. Gay Canada competition. I never expected expected to walk away with a prestigious, national title, representing Canada.


My life is filled with fun adventures, discovering the world and its hidden gems and secrets, unlocking those stories and sharing them with my readers and followers. Life is what you make it, and I make the most out of every opportunity, meeting iconic people of the LGBT community and celebrities, to travelling to incredible destinations, attending amazing events, and having experiences that leave me breathless. I’ve seen ‘The Big Piece’ of the Titanic, raced a Jaguar with a professional race car driver, taken a helicopter into the Grand Canyon for a champagne toast, photographed pods of Orca whales, met legends and important advocates leading the modern movement for the LGBT community, met people like Richard Branson, Adam Lambert, and Ashton Kutcher. I spent 2.5 months travelling across the UK and Europe, discovering the history, castles, sites, and artifacts that have changed the world throughout the centuries. I’ve held a baby alligator in the Louisiana bayou, ran 7 marathons and 11 half-marathons, sipped wine at the top of a mountain in a meadow of wildflowers, modelled clothing for international designers, and met Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. These are just a handful of the many incredible experiences I’ve had in my life, and there will be plenty more that I can’t wait to write about in my memoirs. I can be a complete bitch or an asshole, but I work really hard, I’m dedicated, and I treat my friends and family very well. I am very analytical, strategic, and love a good challenge. I see things through a very creative lens. I can made snap-decisions and go with the flow, or have everything planned out to the greatest detail. I take life as it comes and course-correct as needed, learning from mistakes and always looking for a new opportunity. I’m extremely goal oriented and am a perfectionist. I am incredibly proud to be Canadian!


I love being completely versatile when it comes to style. I can go from athletic wear to suit-and-tie, or from shorts-and-tshirt to leather harness and boots. I love to dress up, or down, for the occasion, wearing pieces that suit my personality and comfort.


I love quiet and alone time. While I love being the life of the party, centre of attention, and all over social media, I am often at peace when I’m alone with my thoughts and discovering life. I love working out at the gym knowing I’m improving my body. Driving on the open highway on my way to a new adventure. Behind the camera lens finding the right angle. Sitting in front of my computer putting a completely different perspective on an unexpected story. Coming up with new, creative solutions that solve a challenge. I may be alone, but I’m never lonely.


Be yourself. Be you. Don’t change for someone else. Be a shining beacon and proud of who you are. Stand up for what you believe in.


Just when I thought I couldn’t get any gayer, I discovered the Deep Space Sunrise Meggings.  Whenever I wear them people’s heads turn. Like me, they are bold, different, and stand out. I like to cause a scene and these meggings command attention.