Guys in Tights: The New Athleisure Trend for Men

Guys in Tights: The New Athleisure Trend for Men

Man wearing Rev X ¾ Meggings

Let’s face it – when it comes to workout fashion, the ladies have been killing it for some time now.

But us fellas have been slow to embrace the move towards workout gear that fits, functions and looks fantastic.

Okay, so we’ve left the baggy pants nightmare that was the ‘90s behind. And we’re now hitting the gyms with a greater focus on looks, performance and comfort.

Now? Well… whisper it… male leggings are becoming acceptable.

Know what? To hell with that.... Shout it LOUD! Male leggings are the damn SHIZZLE!

Let’s grab this ball and run with it guys. Here’s why leggings for men are the essential workout wear trend in 2021.

Man wearing Velvet Tiger Meggings

What are meggings?

Call them meggings, leggings for men, athletic tights... Call them whatever the hell you want, brother. This street-workout wear hybrid gift from the fashion gods is the new must-have in menswear.

The best leggings for men are made from quality materials and are built to last. They can be long or short. They’re made for the gym, for the road, for the court or for the streets.

They’re made for sunrise at the Burning of the Man, when all you need is outrageous style and zen-like comfort.

More importantly, they’re made for men! No more borrowing your girlfriend’s leggings. Cos, guess what? You got something those lady leggings ain’t made to take care of…


So, give that junk in your trunk a little bit of consideration will ya?

What is the Leggings-only Look?

Have you ever seen a dude at the gym in leggings? You have huh? Now answer me this. Was he sporting shorts on top of those leggings?

I’m willing to bet a big ol’ chunk of change that the answer’s yes.

Look, ain’t nothing wrong with slipping on male leggings as a base layer, with shorts on top. But when it comes to guys in tights and nothing else, there’s a stigma. Well, Kapow is on a mission to slay that stanky ol’ stigma for good.

And it’s not just us. Men the world over, from sports superstars to TikTok influencers, are ditching the shorts and rocking the leggings-only look.

Man wearing Tempest Meggings

If You Have it, Flaunt it! 

There are a gazillion ways to wear leggings for men. Whether you’re wearing men’s running tights, basketball tights, cycling shorts for men or some psychedelic men’s printed leggings, wear them with your head held high and a glint in your eye.

Let’s be clear… life’s too short for false modesty. Don’t be sorry to show off what you’ve got. Be a fearless, freedom-fighting, free-wheeling warrior, with a taste for adventure and the self-assurance to know that you’ve got this.

Worried about going leggings-only in the gym and feeling nekid as the day you were born? Don’t be, sucka! Ultra modern compression workout leggings are crotch-stare resistant, so you don’t have to worry about being the weirdo at the gym, with his balls out front and center.

If it feels good, wear it. If it jacks up your performance that extra 20%, get on it. If it leaves the ladies all hot and bothered…


Then go get ‘em boss!

How Do Compression Workout Leggings Work? 

There’s a whole load of science behind whipping up these bad boys. The best men’s compression pants are made from durable technical fabric, designed to compress your muscles in just the right places. This support prevents injury and promotes oxygen circulation in the blood, helping you to go faster and stronger for longer.

The best compression workout leggings are all made with sweat-wicking capability, drawing moisture away from those sweaty-betty areas and keeping you fresh as a mo’fo daisy.

If you’re all about free movement and your sweatpants ain’t cutting it, you’re gonna fall in love with these things. Ergonomic waistbands, flat seams and 4-way stretch materials give you that essential second skin feel – boosting your proprioceptive function. Basically, you’re gonna find some next level balancing skills, bro.


Benefits of Wearing Athletic Tights

Let’s start with comfort shall we? Once you’ve got a taste of that second skin feel, there’s no going back. Trust me. They’re gonna make you feel like a goddamn slinky superhero, with a smoothness that’s second to none.

The freedom of movement is something you just don’t get with other workout wear. From squats and sprints to high kicks and crazy flips, it’s gonna feel better in athletic tights. Zone in and notice how your body feels while wearing these suckers.

They’re gonna help with stability and recovery, natch. Quality men’s running tights have high grade muscle support to keep your hammies, quads and calves nice and sweet. So, fewer injuries and less recovery time needed between workouts.

Finally, guys in tights look cool. Get some epic crazy colored men’s printed leggings with unique designs and wear them like a champion.

Out and About: Where to Wear Your Male Leggings 

You wanna stand out and turn heads on the streets? That’s what these babies are for. With sleek as hell designs that inspire you to rip up the rules and get creative, it’s time to toss that bullshit idea that men can’t rock the leggings look.

For fitness freaks, meggings are the way to go. Throw on a tank top and some leggings and get running, bad boy. On the beach, on the streets or in the back of beyond… slick second skin men’s running tights are gonna look good on whichever ground you pound. And, of course, for yoga zen-meisters and gym junkies, those compression workout leggings are gonna raise the game. They ain’t gonna raise the level – they’re gonna make you an end of level boss.

They’re amazing for swimmers too, as aquadynamic athletic tights help you move through the water like a sleek-ass shark. Or on the court, where the freedom of movement and sweat-wicking you get from compression basketball tights will have you slam dunking and dropping dimes in no time, like a true baller.

When wearing cycling shorts, men have gotten used to boring plain old black lycra. Well, whether you’re cycling across the country or needing some support under your shorts for team sports, slap on some men’s cycling shorts and treat those muscles with some respect!

Finally, for those festivals when only off-the-wall, bat-shit crazy getup will do, men’s printed leggings with the wildest patterns are the way to go.

Man wearing Speedline Meggings

How to Sport the Guys in Tights Look 

When it comes to how to wear men’s leggings, you can keep it simple and classy or let your imagination run wilder than a tiger on heat. Need some stylespiration?

If elegant is your bag, go straight up simplicity. Black leggings and a plain white tee or tank top, with classic white sneakers.

Wanna bring some street style? Go European with a long tee over some colorful men’s printed leggings. Add accent colors to make those leggings pop, boy!

Go midnight ninja and pair black on black, with some jet black leggings, big mean DMs and a plain black tee. Never fails to bring the badassery.

If you’re jacked, tattooed up or both, go for the leggings-only look and get those guns out!

Best Pairs of Leggings for Men 

So, you wanna get on board the meggings trend? Don’t settle for any old cheap-ass threads. Invest in some quality leggings and you ain’t ever gonna wanna take ‘em off.

Need something to supercharge your workout? Our Starlord Meggings are designed to jolt you into life and take you beyond your limits. Whether you’re running on the streets or gunning it in the gym, these are some of the best compression pants out there. Oh, and they’ll make you look like a magnificent beast.

Perfect for everything from chilling at the pad to losing all sense of time and place at epic festivals, Kapow’s Acid Jazz Meggings are the essence of street-cool. You’ll be partying till dawn in these sweet meggings and your legs will never look better.

Wanna rock the midnight bad boy look? Our bestsellers, these uber cool Nightrider Meggings, are gonna get you in a world of trouble. And you’re gonna love every second of it.