Express Your Wild Side: Styling Animal Print Leggings for Men

Velvet Tiger Meggings

Velvet Tiger Meggings

Tiger Shark Meggings

IMAGE: @shootwithdustin + @yippikyell

So… you’re a wild child, eh? Or perhaps you're heading to the playa for the Burning of the Man, which has the 2024 theme of "Animalia"? Either way, read on!

Clothing’s an extension of the inner self, slick. So, it’s time to express that wonderfully wild side with the right kind of clobber that perfectly captures your untamed spirit.

We’re talking animal print leggings, hombre! Whether you’re strutting the streets, prowling a festival or getting up to any manner of stray cat shenanigans, the mix of sleek, savage style with sexy, stretchy comfort is just too damn irresistible. 

See, men’s fashion is finally embracing the timeless style of animal print, in the form of men’s printed leggings. And it’s about freaking time!

The evolution of animal print

Animal print – especially leopard print – was a status of wealth and luxury back in the OG days. Worn by kings and queens, dukes and duchesses, it was a symbol of strength, power, resilience and mystique.

In the 20th century, Tarzan took things to another level. Hollywood made a movie of the jungle swinger that drove audiences wild for animal print and, later on in the ‘50s and ‘60s, countless film stars and musicians influenced the public to get creative with animal-inspired fashion.

Into the ‘80s, ‘90s and 2000s, and rock gods like Lenny Kravitz showed that dudes can look amazing when wearing animal print.  

Now, men’s printed tights have tamed the beast, offering some incredible designs for wearing on the street, in the gym and at festivals. 

Jake the Snake Meggings

Viper Meggings

IMAGE: @shootwithdustin + @yippikyell

Rules for wearing animal print meggings

Whoooa… hold on there you crazy cat! You can’t just slap on a pair of men’s printed leggings and escape into the wild. You’ve got to style these bad boys, right?

Here’s how.

Unleash the beast

The clothes you choose to wear are an extension of your big bag self! Pick patterns and styles that fit your personality like a glove and get out there and shine, my man!

Master the small prints

Matching prints can be tricky. Get it wrong, and your getup will be busier than a beaver during dam season. Get it right, and you’ll look the absolute shizzle.

The key is to match up prints in different sizes. Choose smaller print patterns downtown, with say leopard print leggings, and match with big broad patterns up top.

Make those prints POP, boy!

Men’s animal print leggings will turn heads. So, stand out with style and break up those animal patterns with solid colours. Go for accent colours from your chosen animal print – black works a treat for leopard print leggings, for example – and bring out that wild energy, champ! 

Snow Leopard ¾ Meggings

Sabertooth Meggings


You’re a trailblazer, right? And those looking for something that doesn’t exist need to create their own world. So, get funky and float your own boat with some weird and wonderful fashion concoctions. 

Yeah, this section’s called ‘Rules for wearing animal print meggings.’ But what the heck do we know? Rip ‘em up, buddy boy.’ Shake it and make it. Reinvent the wheel. Split the atom. Pair the wildest designs known to mankind with the craziest colours in the universe, and be the big beautiful bastard you were born to be. 

Because, after all, what is life, if not one big experiment.

Animal print: dare to wear…

On the prowl at a festival

When it comes to throwing convention to wind and embracing your wilder side, ain’t no better place than a festival. Dress as a superfly fella with head-to-toe animal print – we’re talking men’s leopard print leggings with a leopard print coat and boots. 

Or stage a one-man Hendrix fashion revival and slip on your favourite printed leggings with a headband, feathers, chains, bands, boots and channel your inner voodoo chile!

While strutting the streets

Animal print meggings are made to make the ordinary extraordinary. Pair with solids to bring some subtle swagger to everyday life, or push the boat out and pair with a tribal vest, wooden beads and necklaces for some nature boy flair. Woooo! 

When chillin’ like a lounge cat

Kapow’s animal print leggings bring the kind of comfort that’s gonna make you purr. These wild thangs are so comfortable, you’ll never want to take them off! Perfect for long lazy days chilling at the pad.

Fantasia Meggings

Neon Tiger Meggings

While getting savage at the gym

Go for a pair of animal print workout leggings for shredding it at the gym. The level of comfort and support makes them perfect for all kinds of high octane shizzle – the ergonomic waistband, flat seams and sports gusset keeps everything in its right place, while the sweat-wicking, breathable 4-way stretch fabric is made for gym bunnies just like you.

More of a runner than a gunner? Animal print running leggings come with muscle hugging greatness and sweat wicking magnificence, with the added bonus of a zipped bounce proof pocket to keep your phone and keys in place while on the move. Schweeeet.

When flexing on the yoga mat

Namaste ahead of the game, sucka. If you’re a snake-hipped yogi with a penchant for pulling off poses, get yourself a pair of leopard print workout leggings and get slinkier than a serpent. 

When getting wild like a party animal

Lace up those knee high boots, slip on those leggings and dance like it 2099. When you’re dressed like the leader of the pack, the dance floor and the night belongs to you.

Where to get animal print meggings

Kapow have got you covered… our leggings are engineered for high performance and designed for pure style, created for those who dare to be different.

Whatever your spirit animal may be, we’ve got the perfect pair of meggings for you. Unless your spirit animal is a squirrel. In which case, you’re on your own, matey boy. 


Wild and wonderful with a double dose of danger, you can’t go wrong with leopard print leggings. So unleash your inner savage and take a walk on the wild side – tone it down and bring some dark, Snow Leopard swagger, or shoot for the moon with some super bright leopard print leggings and bring some big peacock energy to the party!


The perfect choice for an untameable tiger with the savage skill to survive and a walk that says “who’s the king, baby?” Tiger stripe leggings are pure eye-catching style and slinky comfort – go classic gold and black with Velvet Tiger, embrace the blue with Tiger Shark or get a little crazy with our Neon Tiger Meggings.


If you’re a super fine serpentine party boy and crave that second skin feel, nab yourself a pair of silver snake skin Jake the Snake Meggings – disco retro cool just doesn’t get any comfier. Looking for more of a straight-up sexy kind of look? Viper Meggings brings all the jet black danger and mambo mystery you need. 


Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn… in which case, you should definitely be a unicorn. Unleash those mythical my-little-bro-ny powers with an awesome pair of Fantasia Meggings and be the life and soul of the party… even if the party happens to be your daughter's 5th birthday.

Animal print meggings: FAQs

What colours go best with leopard print?

Classic leopard print works a treat with black, white, beige, tan and cream – complementary colours that let the leopard print pop and put all eyes on you.

If we’re talking snow leopard print, black, white, cream and icy blue are perfect for bringing out that savage style.

What colours don’t go with leopard print?

For classic leopard print, steer clear of big bold colours like red, blue and purple, buddy boy.

How do you make animal print look classy?

Keep things simple, cheech – pair with solid colours and let that big cat swagger take centre stage. Meow.