Redefining Men's Jeggings with On-Trend Denim Print Leggings

Denim Jeans Meggings
denim jeans

Style is temporary… class is permanent. Let that one sink in, buddy boy.

Take denim jeans. What other 19th century relic has stood the test of time quite like a pair of badass blue jeans? Dudes have been rocking them since way back when… from working men to movie stars like Dean, Brando and Swayze. 

But in an era where comfort is king, there’s a new rebel in town. It’s got the sex appeal and rugged charm of denim jeans, but with the kind of comfort that James Dean could only dream of. 

We’re talking men’s jeggings, baby.    

men’s denim leggings

men’s denim leggings

What are men’s denim leggings for?

Two things. 

  • Comfort – hot daaaamn, these things are up to 11 on the comfort scale. Lightweight and stretchy, like a sultry second skin, men’s denim jeggings wrap ‘round your legs like a velvet glove. They’re comfy enough to wear anywhere – in the house, on the street and the gym… you name it. 
  • Genuine non-conformity – look, don’t get us wrong… jeans are great. But let’s not pretend they’re still a symbol of rebellion in this day and age, kay? You wanna go against the grain? You wanna stand out from the crowd? You wanna kung fu kick convention square in the stones? You wanna express and impress? Get some denim print leggings, babeeee!

What are jeggings made from?

Usually, jeans print leggings are made from a select blend of materials:

  • 35% of Brando’s brooding intensity
  • 35% of Jagger’s swagger
  • 30% of Macho Man’s mojo


Seriously though. Kapow’s denim print leggings are made from our Originals Signature Fabric – our lightest and most breathable poly/spandex fabric for that characteristic Kapow “second skin” feel. You ain’t never felt comfort like it, amigo.

How should men’s jeggings fit?

Men’s denim leggings should fit nice and snug. But not too snug, brutha… or you’ll be squeakin’ instead of speakin.’ 

Hit up the sizing chart of your go-to brand and stick to your normal numbers. Good quality meggings are made with a bit of flex, so don’t sweat it sunshine… you’ll be fine.

Do they have pockets?

Kapow’s jeggings for men? Nope. 

Our jeans print leggings are made from super lightweight fabric, for uber-levels of comfort. Thing is, this kind of fabric doesn’t support the weight of a phone like our thicker styles, which do have pockets. It’s all about balance, fellas.

But guess what, padre? You wanna rock it with a pocket? You got it… check out our mahoosive collection of men’s leggings with pockets. Problem? Solved.

men’s leggings with pockets

men’s leggings with pockets

When to wear men’s denim jeggings

Lounging at home

Just because the world ain’t watching, doesn’t mean you can’t look and feel like a boss. Rocking a pair of Denim Dan meggings or Black Jean Johnny meggings while hanging out at home is the perfect way to wear in those megs. You ain’t gonna find comfier loungewear… trust us.

Plus, you can mix and match threads in your own pad, until you find a style that suits. Then, when you’re feeling up to it, hit the streets, brutha! 

Day-to-day living

Life feels boring? Make it unboring, son! Sprinkle a hit of diggedy danger dust on the plain jane day-to-day – rock some denim meggings, your favourite t-shirt and your best pair of sneaks, even if you're heading to the store to get milk. 

Cos life’s a stage… don’t waste a minute. 

The cool thing about Kapows is that our meggings don’t make you feel like you’re out and about in your underwear (like *cough* some other brands *cough*). Our leggings are front seamed for a natural look. So, unless you're stashing a cucumber or your sock collection down there, you ain’t gonna feel exposed. We got you covered, bro!

Denim Meggings

Denim Meggings

PHOTO: @shootwithdustin and @andrewmitchmusic

Out on the town

Okay, let’s take things one step further and seize the night, shall we? Wearing men’s denim leggings is a big bold statement. It’s the centrepiece to an outfit that rejects convection and demands adventure. Go and live life… loud and proud! 

The distressed denim print is perfect for that rough and ready bad boy look – pair with a plain white tee, rock some sneakers and slick back that hair, son. You’re ready to roll. Or tilt towards the indie boy look, with a fitted blazer, fitted shirt (or band t-shirt) and a skinny black tie. Now you're talkin’.

Better yet, blaze a colourful trail and go for contrasting colours to brighten things up a bit. Break up the blue with some sunshine… a yellow tee and yellow high tops look the part when paired with blue denim leggings.

Slaying it at the gym

Men’s jean leggings go the extra versatile mile, meaning you can rock ‘em at the gym for workouts, or slip ‘em on for that 5K run. The fact that these babies are sweet on the sports front comes down to two abilities: 

  • stretch-ability, to keep your muscles supported and your boys nice and snug as a bug in a rug; 
  • and breathe-ability, to get the air flowing and keep things nice and fresh downstairs.

Get wise and accessorise! Kapow’s Tanks and T-shirts are tailored to be worn with any pair of jeggings for men, while our Apollo or Midnight Shorts can be worn on top, for the layered sports look. Need some extra support underneath – our gold standard Men’s Underwear brings classic styling with supersoft comfort.

For yoga

Namas-stay flexible my fashionable friend, and slip on some slinky, second skin leggings to give you the freedom of movement you need on the mat. Another big plus – they’re made from fabrics with sweat wicking technology, keeping you nice and dry on the path to enlightenment. Boo-yaa!

Black denim Meggings for yoga

Black denim Meggings

At a festival

A refuge for the wonderfully wild, weird and wondrous souls out there, festivals are like a mini insight into what the world could be, if we got our act together. Whether it’s the Burning of the Man, Coachella, Glasto or the Westchester Tea & Biscuit festival, throw off the shackles, get loose and bring your personality to the fore.

Dress up your jeans print leggings with some seriously rad colours and accessories – top hats, bandanas, rings, bracelets, medallions, ripped shirts, stringed vests, high tops, a tutu – whatever crazy clobber you can get your hands on!

For heavier fests, the rockstar looks have never been so comfy. Men’s jeggings are made from super stretchy, breathable lightweight material, meaning you won’t lose your mind with discomfort and crotch rot by the final day. Wear them with a leather jacket, chains, shades, a shredded white or black tee and a pair of high tops or boots for some old school uptown punk.