Kapow vs Marathon running

Kapow vs Marathon running

Kapow vs Marathon running.

Marathon runner Johann writes a review on his first time running in Kapow Meggings…

So a few weeks back I saw a post on Facebook for some amazing looking leggings (excuse me, meggings) and I thought to myself, “I wonder how they will hold up doing a half marathon or more?” So, I managed to get my grubby little paws on a pair and decided to give them a trial.

I originally ordered a large as the website recommends to go a size up if you are unsure. This proved to not be quite correct as the leggings turned out to be quite loose-fitting. I usually have the opposite problem with ordering leggings and trousers as I have quite big thighs and calves. I wonder whether this might be due to the fact that the Kapow Meggings are more of a fashion range than an active range. That said, the customer service was brilliant and I managed to get an exchange very quickly. (update note from Kapow: we have since altered our sizing and no longer recommend going up a size)

When I finally received the medium leggings I must admit I was a bit dubious at first. The fit was really comfortable and the material was soft and breathable, but not quite giving as much compression or as stretchy as standard active leggings. My other worry was the lack of perceived “man space” compared to some other active leggings. How will I feel after the first few miles and will I still be as happy come to mile 13? Fourteen miles in uncomfortable equipment causing discomfort to your equipment can be hell.

So, race day finally came round, and I would be lying if I said I did not have a spare pare of leggings in my race bag. It was absolutely horrendous weather; rain coming at you at 90 degrees with a 35 mile an hour head wind. The footing was slippery and at some places the mud was knee deep. The Kapow Meggings were going to be put to their ultimate test. Will they survive 14 miles of endurance trail running in the worst weather that Wales can throw at them? At about mile 3 I was wondering whether I was starting to feel a chafe coming on, but this soon passed and with further running the Kapow Meggings came into their own. They were perfect for the conditions. There were no problems with sagging or feeling like they were going to drop off as I have experienced with other leggings before. They were light and comfortable and stood up to the elements. Even soaking wet they kept me happy and chafe free. The worry about “man space” was completely forgotten. 

During the race I received a good few comments and enquiries about the leggings from other runners who wanted a pair. I was completely won over. In all honesty I was ready to be disappointed when I set off on the race, but I can’t find a single fault with the Kapow Meggings. I now want to try them at a full marathon distance. The only really sad thing is that the Kapow Meggings outlasted me this time. Wales and it’s weather broke me. I just about managed the last mile and a half. It will probably help if I train a bit harder. Well done Kapow Meggings!

Further update: Johann ran a second marathon in a pair of our Party Leopard meggings. It was an epic endurance race up Table Mountain in South Africa. But the real highlight was his proposal at the end of the race! Way to go Johan & Jan, we wish you every happiness!